Our vision is simple. To recycle waste produced from the fruit industry into products that can either be reused locally or sold on into external markets.

We believe the best way to achieve this is through collaboration with the farmers themselves. They form an integral part of our endeavour. Through partnership and employment, leading to wealth generation in regions that may be less developed than their urban counterparts. These same regions may also have been affected by conflict or natural disasters in the recent past. Equal opportunities will ensure all ethnicities, younger generations and particularly women are not overlooked, in areas where they may find less possibility of meaningful paid work.

Banana, Pineapple and Coconut all produce “waste”. Meaning something other than the fruit itself. The coconut shell or “husk” for example. This “waste” can through processing, be turned into products with a use.

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recycle waste produced

Waste produce varies depending on the type of fruit grown, whether it be in the form of pseudo stem, leaf, or husk. These must be collected and then processed. This requires specialist machinery to separate the

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fruit industry

Colombia alone dedicates over half a million hectares of land to the cultivation of fibre producing fruits. Which equates to nearly six million tonnes of produce annually. If we were to reuse just a fraction

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reused locally

Reducing the environmental impact in the production of large scale fruit crops is a key goal for us. Therefore, we intend a large percentage of what we will create to be ploughed back into the areas we

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